Spring 2018 Presenters

"Our goal is to promote art...through education, fellowship,
and sharing of talents and ideas."


Lesley Powell

February 28

"I sometimes say that painting on location is like racing in the Kentucky Derby, and painting in the studio to going on a leisurely trail ride.  Although they are vastly different, each has its place.  For example, a painter on location is usually limited to a smaller canvas.  To achieve a larger scale, I often paint a small study on location, which I bring home to my studio as a springboard for further work. "

Linda Luise Brown

March  28

"Settling down to work (currently in my home studio) is the most inspiring activity for me. But there is lots of back-work to make this happen. One way or other, you actually need to be in motion, whether that’s mental or physical, to be inspired.

Maybe you are drawing or making jewelry in the studio, maybe you are watching a performance, or you are meditating, or you are photographing a piece of architecture. Your mind is engaged. You are working, open, and receptive. You have to feed the mind."


Harry Watkins, Campania

April 18

Harry Watkins is the owner of Campania in Charlotte. Campania now provides custom framing solutions for many galleries, artists, designers and photographers in the southeast. Harry will share some of his framing expertise with the Guild.


Linda Luise Brown in her studio 1995 (top). Members enjoying the March 28, 2018 meeting (below).